Quality is manufacturing of safe products.

Certificates for the production facility of the company in Balchik:

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems Requirements)
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, September 2005
International Food Standard (IFS), Version 5, August 2007
Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6: July 2011

Certificates for the production facility of the company in Veliko Tarnovo:

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems Requirements) 
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, September 2005 
International Food Standard (IFS), Version 6, January 2012 
Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6: July 2011

Achieving consistency in quality of production through the introduction and certification of effective management systems compatible with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and the IFS Food and BRC Food.
Quality control in ZIV Ltd. is a system of very strict internal and external controls carried out in various stages from ingredients to finished product.

Managing the production process of bakery and confectionery products
Management of the production process is carried out in accordance with the recipes, technological documentation, HACCP plans and selected qualified personnel for fulfilling the technological cycle of production.
The control during production is carried out on the following organizational levels:
•    Each contractor is responsible for the quality of the operations performed by him;
•    During the manufacturing process, officers monitor compliance with the technological discipline, Good manufacturing and Hygiene Practices;
•    Operating technologists monitor the quality and product safety at all stages of the technological cycle of production through the monitoring system;
•    A team of experts monitors the implementation of the planned and produced finished products.
During the production a continuous monitoring of quality and product safety is performed and documented.

Integrated Management System
The introduction of Management System of food safety is adhered to the requirements of BS EN ISO 22000:2006 and IFS Food, BRC Food applicable laws and regulations, which the organization has agreed to apply to the entire range produced.

Identification and traceability
The documented Management System used to organize the production contains product data, enabling the tracking of the underlying processes and controls with respect to their safety and quality, the type of ingredients used.
Depending on the magnitude of the problems associated with the quality of end products, a differentiated approach for monitoring the incoming materials is applied. The extent of traceability is determined by the understanding of the management of the importance of the incoming products for the end product quality.

Monitoring of Critical Control Points in production
Deploying а Management System of food safety requires the introduction of a monitoring system for each Critical Control Point to demonstrate that a Critical Control Point is under control. Clause 7.6.4 "System for monitoring of Critical Control Points" in ISO 22000.
Monitoring the temperature of critical control points is performed by contactless infrared temperature loggers. Each IR thermometer is equipped with a printer to enable the operator to immediately print out the necessary data required by the HACCP system. This temperature data logger with built-in printer allows the operator to program specific time intervals for measurements. After the series of measurements was made, these data are transferred to computer for further analysis. Visual index allows targeting of the measuring beam to the object.